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A term used to describe a person who is acting wack, stupid, foolish, and basically very despicable.
Philippe: "I'm gonna go fuck that bitch, I gotta get my nut son."
Matt: "Son that bitch is fuckin' fat. Your trippin'!"
Philippe: "I don't give a fuck, it's better than catchin' a beat."
Matt: "Son, I'd rather catch a beat than fuckin' that ugly bitch."
Jake: "Nigga.......you gutted!!!"
by DJ Blournie Stone April 07, 2008
43 88
1) Bad luck
2) Shame
3) Ouch
1) person 1, "of all the lightning strikes in the world, i was hit by one of them!" person 2, "gutted!"

2) person 1, "JFK is dead". Person 2, "Gutted"

3) Person 1, "That guy was bitten on the bollocks by a crocodile!" person 2, "oooh, gutted!"
by Guy Brooke July 21, 2003
472 247
1. Only to be used in extreme disappointment

2. sensation of shock, amazement, normally unwanted, tingling stomach on the verge of crying, Normally happens when horrible news is delivered to you quickly EX: Cheating
My friend told me that she was cheating on me and he caught her, i asked if it was true and she admitted yes, I was so gutted..
by D!M! January 10, 2008
291 97
A Slang Word meaning Disapointed.
" I was with a girl all night Gettin Into her and I had a full-on rock cock the for the whole night, right at the end when I was fingering her, just about to pull her kecks all the way down, her fuckin door goes and its her fuckin mum, YOU CUNT!! I was Gutted
by John Gaskell March 31, 2004
409 269
also used widely in New Zealand to mean feelings of disappointment or letdown.

Used to describe one's own feelings, to tell of others' ("He looked guttored, eh?") or to show empathy with whoever ran into misfortune.

Can also be spelt gutt0red, in a hax0r fashion. (Pronounced "gah-TORE'd").

A: Today I dropped my phone off a wharf while trying to take a picture of a seagull.
B: Gutt0red...

A: If my cat ran away, I'd be positively gutted.

by slopi September 04, 2006
204 94
An word used to express extreme disappointment. Mostly used by footballers, football fans and other chavs.
Football type: City/Rovers/United lost afta been 2 niw app ar arf time. Om ga'id (gutted).
by TomNightingale December 14, 2010
32 29
1) something that has had the abdominal cavity (or gut) cut open and the internal organs (the guts) removed.

2) taken down to bare bones .
1) the rabbit had been gutted by a fox it's intestines were under a rock near by.

2) we entered the gutted interior of the building and saw the bare studs in the walls, illuminated by the contractors spotlights.
by awb77 January 25, 2010
38 47
British version of owned or pwned
by Katrina February 26, 2004
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