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thizzin so hard yo eyes fitna pop tha fuck outta yo head, like Mac Dre or Mistah F.A.B.
"Damn nigga i popped 5 blue fish, i am gurpin like a mothafucka!!!"
by Thizzle Cow September 15, 2009
1)The state of mind where one loses himself 2) to trip like a bitch 3) to spaz out
Hey Bob, stop gurpin like a crack feind!
by Anonymous November 08, 2001
obviously or currently high on speed or crack
"Her eyes were going crazy! She must have been gurpin"
by Uh man duh September 29, 2006
When someone is geeking on the internet, in particular social networking sites. Addicted to newsfeeds or internet stalking.
Dude quit gurpin on Sarah's timeline, she broke up with you 3 months ago!
by biglex86 November 09, 2013
Getting high off giving a blowjob.
" Damn , Bboys for real motherfucker , that girl was gurpin after being with me last night! "
by Gdot5 November 18, 2011
an exspression to use wen somthing or one another person is acting or bein wild or unlike themselves
dam u only had 2 beers u was not drivin dat fast now u wanna speed ur gurpin
by GURPIN ENT OF MINNESOTA August 28, 2008
a burp sound coming from the guntle area
I had my head on her belly and she was gurpin all night...
by April 13, 2009

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