verb, 1970s-era: Jolt a pinball machine to change the way the ball bounces.
"How d'you gunch that thing so hard without tilting it?"
by foxfirebrand July 31, 2005
Gay Lunch. when two men eat lunch together and then swap blow jobs.
1. verb. I'm totally going to gunch him someday.
2. noun. So I had a really nice midday gunch with Austin today.
by immaslut March 19, 2012
verb - to decorate to excess, to overdo a task.
Grandma sure does know how to gunch up a backyard with garden gnomes, flamingoes, and lawn balls!
by greenman1 September 05, 2011
Greasy lunch.
I think a freight train ran me over, I need hangover food- let's go grab gunch at that nasty ass wings place around the corner.
by Shantastical July 21, 2011
Abbreviated form of Goon Punch. A highly alcoholic concoction of goon (extremely cheap cask wine), vodka and juice/soft drink. Usually made in large quantities in a tub or similar.
"That gunch is deadly!"
"Get me some gunch would you?"
"This gunch needs more goon"
by lawrencek October 22, 2008
1. A swollen, bloody vagina; typically on a pet in heat.
2. A female partner's mood during menses.
1. Since my bitch went into heat, she's been rubbing her gunch all over everything.
2. Don't mind her, she's been acting like a gunch because it's her time of the month.
by CatfishTea February 16, 2011
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