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A combination of the words Gash/Cunt/Bitch good for use in mixed company since no one will no what yer saying. Such as...
Man that chick is such a gunch!
by Chad De'Voreaux November 15, 2007
35 29
Worst word ever. Cunt and then some
Mel is a dirty gunch!
by Lou June 23, 2004
120 36
1. Worst word ever. A gunch is the epitome of everything dirty and nasty. 2. A dirty cunt.
1. Mel is a dirty gunch. 2. Your mom has a nasty gunch.
by Lou February 23, 2005
93 45
A vagina with semen oozing out of it.
Chuck's mom has a sloppy gunch
by Pimpy January 04, 2005
91 72
Combination of Gut, Cunt and Crotch. Commonly used in reference to fat women with asses in front.

Jesus Christ, look at that gunch. She has two asses!
by pedro navaja October 25, 2007
22 18
gunch v. to gunch; sexual intercourse in the rear entry position, more specifically in the manner of a non-human animal.
I like to gunch that bitch right in her ass!
by Hal Jackson January 10, 2012
12 11
Collective noun- group of lesbians
The gunch were having so much fun!
by Lasagne August 18, 2013
2 4