There are two a bad name & the other a compliment

A; one who looks like an idiot and everyone ridicules
B; one who is a beast and kicks ass
A; Guy: look at number 13 the way his lip curls up when he talks make him look like one of my top ten gumps.

B; Girl: that guy is such a gump..He flirts all the time!
by Mackie O. February 28, 2009
also da gump

the city of montgomery,al
"Where you from yo"?

"Yo man you know i from the gump."
by Chase November 19, 2003
tighty whiteys
He had to take off his gumps to jerk his cock off.
by Anonymous June 10, 2003
Running or generally moving fast. Taken from the movie Forrest Gump in which the title character can run very fast.
Man, we're gonna be late we gotta gump it.
by lilpiggy1 January 12, 2011
a lame person in glassport.
Person 1: Dude i just got a holographic Scyther!!

Person 2: Wow your a gump
by chuckyfinster412 August 05, 2010
a language used by people when they are too high and cannot pronounce words well. so they make up there own for the time being.
"man how baked are you?"

"im scubbin the bad bumps"

"i was so high i just started speaking Gump"
by Bubba Scumpz August 12, 2009
a tall very noticeably uncoordinated person that tends to trip over inanimate objects such as benches, cracks in the sidewalk, balls, and even their own feet.
Wow look at ellen shes a gump.
by Libby Str January 05, 2007

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