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to photoshop your picture into a photo , more specially a photograph from history or famous person
i gumped my girlfriends picture into a picture of marilyn monroe
by sitruk October 10, 2011
Gump is a word typically used to describe ppl that are clumsy, geeky, or even stupid. you can use gump in many situations. You can say gump, gumpy, gumper, or you can even tell somebody that they gumped it.
South bay towers are gumpy!

Didn't he gump it when he spilled his drink?

My report card is so gumpy.

That teachers pet is such a gump.
by lakers619sdSD) August 20, 2009
Being sexual arroused by a figure of matter, without actually being touch, or to touch the matter. Orgasm of the imagination.
Did you see that car, I think I just gumped.
by TheUnlikelyHero October 17, 2010
also da gump

the city of montgomery,al
"Where you from yo"?

"Yo man you know i from the gump."
by Chase November 19, 2003
tighty whiteys
He had to take off his gumps to jerk his cock off.
by Anonymous June 10, 2003
There are two definitons....one a bad name & the other a compliment

A; one who looks like an idiot and everyone ridicules
B; one who is a beast and kicks ass
A; Guy: look at number 13 the way his lip curls up when he talks make him look like one of my top ten gumps.

B; Girl: that guy is such a gump..He flirts all the time!
by Mackie O. February 28, 2009
Derogatory prison slang for an individual who participates in a homosexual relationship while incarcerated. The "gump" may be on either the giving or receiving end, and the sexual intercourse may be consensual or forced; usually the latter.
"What a lot of dudes didn't know though was that Gaps was an old gump from way back. Dude was a predator..."

CITATION: Seth "Soul Man" Ferranti, PRISON STORIES (Gorilla Convict Publications, 2005), p. 133
by johnnygan December 02, 2008