2 definitions by riverside

1.A hair style originated from an green claymation character. 2.A hair stlye that sort of resembles a flat top but leans to either the left or right,commonly mistakin for the slop which gadually gets longer from the back to the front.
Also seen in the movie juice with Tupac, (he had a serious gumby in that movie. Also seen worn by R&B/RAP artist from the early 90's
guy1: i think its time for hair cut son..
guy2: true
guy1: i'm a get the gumby yo!
guy2: man that shit is wack son!
by riverside October 25, 2005
1.A person with hidious or unmanagable teeth, or someone who is just dirty. Also see yuckmouth
girl1:"did you see that trotmouth slut"
girl2:"um..hm...she nasty"
by riverside October 25, 2005

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