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small town filled with old people and college what an interesting combo?.. yeah its a crazy ass party town with an nice and pretty small town appearance..dont be fooled because behind those closed doors unspeakable things that you wouldnt imagine are happenign and its not always the college students.. beautiful place..hidden agenda lol
Edinboro the place where your grandma secretly smokes your stash
by Stray??? August 31, 2008
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A small town mainly dominated by college students. During the day Edinboro experiences numerous extreme climate changes, or just a shitty one throughout the day. The University is home to a variety of minorities, that present a good sense of humor. Most of the partying is enjoyed outside neighboring projects known as the dorms. The town's main food source is a small shop called Johns Pizza, whom receives most of their business between 1-3 AM. Edinboro harbors a beautiful lake and many other extraneous features only brought to life, through experience.
"How did I get another ticket!!! FUCK Edinboro!!!"
by xironskier05x December 22, 2011
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