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4 definitions by mute

Late 80's street skate legend, father of modern street skate. First skater to grind a handrail with the Gonz. Big ollies. Style. Surfer hairdo.
Edgar Kausel loves Natas, it's his all-time favourite sk8ter...
by mute October 07, 2003
19 1
skate trick also known as "pop shove-it", "pop shuv-it" or "ollie varial". consist of an 180 degrees rotation of the board under your feet by hitting the tail with the back foot and directing the skate with the front foot. Can be "backside" or "frontside" depending in wich direction the board rotates (clockwise or counterclockwise). If you make a 360 degrees rotation it will be called a "360 varial"...
Edgar Kausel is the absolute varial master... i saw him doing 3 feet ollie varials over hydrants and trash cans in the streets of Santiago...
by mute October 13, 2003
20 7
1.Just a regular Joe, with a regular job.
2. Your average white subinite slob.
3. Likes football, porno, and books about war.
4. Has an average house with a nice hardwood floor.
Denis Leary has his feet on the table and a cuban cigar.
by mute December 03, 2004
112 115
1)a designer clothing company.
2)a term often used to describe extravagant and worthless pretentious crap.
That's so gucci.
Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.
by mute April 08, 2005
92 148