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When someone is sooooooo in love they have to declare it over anything including all forms of social media
Will: "Ohhhh I can't wait to see you babe only 58 more hours!"
Random Comment maker: "Holy crap Will is gubbles"
by gubbles123 March 26, 2011
The lower, protruding mandible on a canine with an under-bite, evident in such breeds as Bulldogs, Pugs, Boxers and Mastiffs.

"He's got his nubble stuck in his gubble!"

"Put your gubble in..."
by idiot_legs December 20, 2008
Name given to the "Bubble Shield" item in Halo 3; a combination of "bubble" and "ghey" meant to reflect the rather lame nature of the shield.
"Dude, sniper, look out! Throw down a gubble!"

"Watch out, that bitch is campin' in a gubble with a shotty."
by Chet Bradley April 02, 2008
An untypical obese man; one who giggles with his ginormous lobes flopping in the air.
Oh no! That boy just got rolled over by that Gubbles over there!
by MajorWatson April 08, 2008
desc or object: like chuff, to be used as expletive or as the description of someone who is ecstatically happy.
how are you doing old gubble
by jonagold October 08, 2005
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