Country in Central America. 108,414 Km2 and about 13 million inhabitants. Spanish is the official language, English is widely spoken, 23 other languages are also spoken in different areas. It is the most developed and industrialized country in Central America.

It's turism is very appealing mostly to Americans and Europeans who like to visit Antigua Guatemala (colonial city), Atitlan (a beautiful natural wonder), Tikal (main Mayan archeological city) and Guatemala City (capital city and very developed, has everything one needs).

It also has a very big medical-tourism due to its high-standard medical and health development and much lower prices compared to the US.
When did you get back to Boston? I came back from Guatemala last week, after my chemotherapy treatment was over.

Where are you gonna spend your spring break? We're going to Antigua Guatemala, we just love it there.
by Monacco December 12, 2010
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Guatemala..Best Country like eva..
"Ay Yo, i want mi sum pollo Campero"
"Aitte den, lets go to Guatemala
by Irene April 19, 2005
Country situated betwen Mexico/El Salvador,a Quetzal(national maney) its 8.oo$ or so, Quetzal too its the national bird,the most important turistic atraction are:TIkal(an acient mayan city),Atitlan(a lake).
How i knoe so much?, I live there...and for the person who posted the last definition:IDIOT!!!
by Sebastian May 07, 2004
Guatemala is a small country just east of mexico. Has one of the highest crime rates in central America.
Two midgets embark on a journey to Guatemala, what obtictles will they encounter on this epic quest of love, truth and compassion?!
by Foxtrot~Uniform~Charlie~Kilo October 27, 2005
A top-secret code name for a little fat kid spotted out in public, so as to not draw attention to the fact that you're commenting on the obesity of a child. Can be abbreviated to "guat".
Look over there, we've got a guatemala at 4 o'clock near the Doritos!

I love the way that guatemala dances in that funny YouTube video!
by pinkgold March 06, 2016
A country in which everybody lives in trees.
Juan: "I'm from Guatemala."
Mark: "Do people live in trees there?"
Juan: "Yeah! But we have elevators!"
Mark: "Cool!"
by Guatemalan from Guatemala March 16, 2011
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