The only ppl sad enough to actually sneak over the border to be part of Mexico
Mexican: Oh man, I'm gonna illegally cross the border to America! Oh yeah.

Guatemalan: I'm going to illegally cross the border to Mexico! Oh yeah. I can't wait to get out of Guatemala.
by MotherTeresaGhandi101 March 09, 2008
A place where little Native American Indians wear funny little hats and also engage in sexual acts with llamas.
Eww so Yamaleck is from Guatemala? I thought she(he?) was from Romania.
i've been there a bunch of times. dont u mean that 8 quetzal is like one dollar...
Hey lets go to MExico
by -yeahw/e November 18, 2004
A small "country" east of Mexico. It's citizens tend to be short, bow legged, and dark. When not envying Mexico and imitating cuisine from El Salvador, you can find them selling roses on the streets and carrying laundry baskets on their heads.
"Ay! who's that hideous creature? She looks like a pig in heat."

"Calmate, güey. She's from Guatemala. You should know that they aren't as attractive as Mexicanos."
by aquanetta jones August 01, 2009

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