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Country in Central America. 108,414 Km2 and about 13 million inhabitants. Spanish is the official language, English is widely spoken, 23 other languages are also spoken in different areas. It is the most developed and industrialized country in Central America.

It's turism is very appealing mostly to Americans and Europeans who like to visit Antigua Guatemala (colonial city), Atitlan (a beautiful natural wonder), Tikal (main Mayan archeological city) and Guatemala City (capital city and very developed, has everything one needs).

It also has a very big medical-tourism due to its high-standard medical and health development and much lower prices compared to the US.
When did you get back to Boston? I came back from Guatemala last week, after my chemotherapy treatment was over.

Where are you gonna spend your spring break? We're going to Antigua Guatemala, we just love it there.
by Monacco December 12, 2010
Internatioanl Phonetic Alphabet. Symbols that describe the pronunciation of a word, it will always be enclosed between the slash symbol. Way to write down how a word should sound. It includes sounds that might not be natural in English, it can be understood and pronounced by anyone who knows the symbols.
IPA for these words:

/kaet/ = cat

/mIlk/ = milk

/h3r/ = her

/mit/ = meet or meat
by Monacco December 09, 2010

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