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When you eat too much Mexican food and you are trying to hook up with a girl but your ass has other plans.
Tim went on a date with Megan to Taco Bell, two hours later they went to hook up but he got guac-blocked.
by Shittychonga July 25, 2009
when you are trying to acquire guacamole, and a friend/acquaintance prevents you from doing so (similar to the term "cockblock")
1. We were at Chipotle, and david tried to get some guac on his chip, but rosalie totally guackblocked him.
2. "Dude! i just want some guacamole! Dont guacblock!"
by willdabeast69 January 07, 2009
A term used to describe a a common party foul in which one person obstructs another person's pathway to the avocado dip by standing idly by the snacks.
Man, that girl was cute, but she was guac blocking me all night.
by dcthriller January 22, 2012
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