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Derogatory term used to describe Gryffindors, usually used by Slytherins, the occasional Ravenclaws and a really ballsy Hufflepuffs.
"Yo check those gryffindorks,"
"What retards,"
#gryffindor #slytherin #harry #gryfindork #malfoy
by Ace_JC December 02, 2005
adj. -

1) Derogatory description of a person who is such a fan of the Harry Potter saga that they continuously relate their lives within the parameters of J.K. Rowlings' fictional tale.


2) A person who is an advocate of Harry Potter lore and can quote chapter & verse with either the book or movie series (which can be derogatory or complimentary, depending on the application)
Example #1 "Wow! That buzzer beater Shaq made is just like when Harry captured the Golden Snitch."

Example #2 "That kid knows Dumbledore's birthday. What a Gryffindork!"
#harry potter fan #j.k. rowling fan #fantasy rotisserie geek #potter bookworm #potter genre lover
by Grimsbaugh August 05, 2009
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