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A cute way of saying I'm pretending to be annoyed|sad|upset. The word needs to be said with appropriate grouchiness and poutyness.
James "Zac Efron is an appalling actor and should be banned from celluloid"
Elle "You don't mean that! Grumph!"
by Jimmy1985 March 02, 2008
verb. To playfully bite/kiss the side of your lover's neck, whilst making a "grumph grumph" noise somewhat reminiscent of a pig rooting for truffles.

The "grumphing" noise can be set to music. David Bowie's "Life on Mars" being particularly suitable.
Her - "I love you"

Him - "I love you, too........ grumph grumph grumph"
by Tinybear November 23, 2009
Another name for a ladies vagina
She had a real hairy grumph!
by tom ashmore March 08, 2008
a piece of unidentifable matter
He had a piece of grumph on his shirt.
There was a piece of grumph on the bottom of his shoe.
by Rick Delaney March 06, 2008
The lint found in one's navel.
Jimmy used his thumb and index finger to pull the grumph out of his belly button.
by Moose Mandu February 06, 2007
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