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Referring to the age of a person. Same as Grown, but with emphasis.
My mother wants to know why I don't I call her anymore, because I'm a grown-ass man, thats why.

A grown-ass man should not be on welfare.
by Crazy Eyes H. Squeeze October 04, 2004
Means the same as "grown", but "ass" is added to belittle the person or thing referenced. Usually used in reference to a "grown ass man". (Note: it is important to distinguish between a "grown ass man" and a "grown assman." The former is an adult male, whereas the latter is an adult male who likes asses.)

"Grown ass" is part of the "ass" family label of disrespect. Also included are "dumb ass" (see also: "stupid ass"), "lazy ass", "punk ass", "crazy ass", "cheap ass", and "broke ass".
"He should know better! He's a grown ass man!"
"So, you mean he's an adult."
"That's what I said--a grown ass man!"
by Brianator37 January 11, 2015
noun' - (pronounced groan-ass). Emphatic term related to age and wisdom. Short for, "fuck off, I'm over 40 and I know what I'm doing"
Susan: Hey Erin, I'm not insecure, or crazy or jealous of you. I just care and want you to know my ex is psycho. This is my 17th attempt to reach you.
Erin: I'm a grownass woman, and I know what you're up to.
by littlebrowngirl April 10, 2015
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