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1- Used to reply angrily to an absurd suggestion

2- Used to ridicule a childish person
1- "That papercut looks pretty bad, do you need a band-aid?"

2- "Ow. I got a papercut and it really hurts."
"You a grown ass man, stop crying like a bitch."
by Dub-Fresh April 30, 2007
1.Of great quality
1.Yo, i dont care what none of yall say, im fresh ta death
2.Yo, i got a haircut, that shit is fresh
by Dub-Fresh December 17, 2006
1.To say hello to anyone wearing the obvious blood color - RED
2.Informal disrespectful greeting to anyone wearing BLUE or a fake thug
1. -Yo, what up blood
-Whats good fam
2. -Yo, what up blood
-FUCK YOU NIGGA!!! *shots fired*
by Dub-Fresh December 23, 2006
A black man that loves white women
a.Ayo, homeboy stay with the white women.
b.Yeah he a straight up Milk man
by Dub-Fresh December 09, 2006
An ignorant hispanic; Similar to the word nigga (an ignorant black person)
1. Hey, that spanish guy stole my bike.
2. That damn spic
by Dub-Fresh December 21, 2006
Similar to jungle fever, however, honkaphilia is when a black man or woman, is sexually attracted to a white man or woman (on the rise in predominantly caucasian areas)

Opposite of negrophilia
1. -That nigga STAY wit his white girl
-Yeah, that motha fucka got honkaphilia
by Dub-Fresh December 23, 2006
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