Gr-oop p-ewp, verb, noun A prank which entails three or more members who partake in consecutive poops in the same toilet without using toilet paper. The toilet is not flushed, leaving the owner (or next user) of the toilet to view the mountain of poop.
#1 (verb)
Guys 1,2,3: Wanna do a group poop in the girl's toilet?
Guy 4: Nah man, that's gross!

#2 (noun)
Girl(s)- WTF, the guys did another group poop in our toilet!!!!
by JCJC-BA's March 22, 2009
Top Definition
When 2 or more close friends gather into a public restroom and release their bowels together.
"Let's ditch the girls and go take a group poop!"
by Cavlexohn Klinderlow October 12, 2004
The act of taking a poop with a group of people.
Dude, I was watching this movie the other day about chicks doing group poops. I didn't even KNOW that chicks pooped.
by The grouper pooper September 23, 2010
When two or more people poop at the same time in the same restroom, preferably including conversation. Also, the phrase, "You sunk my battleship!" should be shouted when a portion of feces falls.

Also referred to as GP.
Jess: dude, you wanna gp?
Isabelle: Nah man, i gotta let it brew.

Ray: You sunk my battleship!
Zach: Another successful Group Poop.
by jsteww March 21, 2010
when two or more people take poops at the same time in the same bathroom in stalls situated next to each other so they can have a conversation while pooping
dude, you wanna take a group poop?

yeah, but lets use the girls room, its got more stalls.
by i am poop king June 12, 2010
4. A prank when several people decide to poop in the same toilet, so that when the last person flushes the toilet overflows, in the hope that feces end up on the bathroom floor
Let's do a group poop and flood the first floor bathroom.
by New English December 12, 2008
When the entire Obama administration gets together for meeting. We call this the group poop.
"President Barry, er Barack, Biden finally showed up."

"Good we can now begin talking"

Thus the group poop has begun.
by Timmy O'Tool2 February 04, 2011
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