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Cool, awesome, neat, etc.
"Those sun glasses are grosh!"
#grosh #amazing #cool #sunglasses #etc
by GracieGracie December 01, 2007
a mixture of gross and gosh

instead of saying, gosh thats gross you can shorten it up with - thats so grosh!
Jel - did you see MaryAnne's new picture
Tina - yes, grosh!
Jel - huh?
Tina - gosh gross duh.
#gross #gosh #ugly #stupid #ew
by ellojello July 10, 2008
if you like something. another word for cool
Hey Mags! I got this new CD the other day, it was totally grosh!
#cool #rad #sick #awesome #amazing
by Evangelina November 28, 2007
Grosh is a truncation of the word 'gracias' which means 'thank you' in Spanish and therefore means the same thing. This word was created by Willie DePas along with mayhap.
Me: Hey Willie, have this $5 i found.
Willie: Grosh.
by T.J. January 13, 2005
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