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This tag for Arnold Schwarzenegger actually was coined by Steve Lopez, a writer for the Los Angeles Times, in a column the day after the recall election that installed Arnold as governor, in spite of his acknowledged history of breast and booty grabbing (or, as Arnold described it, "being playful"). Garry Trudeau made Lopez's term nationally famous in the "Doonesbury" cartoons. It's a pun on a German term for a group leader, "gruppenfuhrer."
Governator Gropenfuhrer
by Mark Hertzog February 08, 2004
Nickname given by cartoonist Gary Trudeau to Arnold Schwarzenegger, Governor of California.
Gropenfuhrer, what is your policy for recovering California's Economy?
by JonathanChance December 04, 2003
1. A world leader who gives unsolicited and unwelcome massages to unsuspecting female world leaders.

2. Specifically, George W. Bush
George W. Bush became the newest Gropenfuhrer when he snuck up behind German Chancellor Angela Merkel and grabbed her shoulders.
by jesster79 July 20, 2006
corrupt translation of the german word "Gruppenführer" -> group leader.
Has a nazi touch.
Der Gruppenführer führte die Gruppe in den Untergang.
by grmbl September 22, 2004
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