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A multi-purpose word that can be used in any situation if need be.

Originated by mispronoucing the name "Griff" from the popular web-series "Red vs. Blue".
You groofed Groof you team-groofing grooftard!
by Kickass McTastic December 19, 2007
(noun) To smear feces on; the rubbing of one's waste on objects
Student #1: I can't believe that idiot groofed on the bathroom walls.

Student #2: That's disgusting.
by William Stevens October 18, 2012
The face. This definition of the word evolved from the old English term grovel as slang by those whose speech was impaired, and also as the word was used by people in the West Midlands of the UK who have very odd accents. The meaning 'to face' then came about as when people were groveling they would face the subject while they did so, therefore the word soon became to mean to 'face' someone.
These days the translation is literal and means the 'face'.
'she was so ugly she had a groof like a smashed crab.
by Gregor Tyler November 01, 2007

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