Top Definition
Word used to describe an ugly female face.
Bloke 1: That girl is hot.

Bloke 2: I think you've had too many beers, she has a face like a 'smashed crab.'
by Break the Cycle March 09, 2007
The look of a weather beaten vagina.
"That girl has a smashed crab"
by Carl December 02, 2003
The way you look and feel after a big night.
I feel like a smashed crab, I shouldn't have had those last 8 drinks.
by Melissa Yardley September 04, 2003
n. 1. = bashed crab 2. a crab that has been smashed
man, rootin that smashed crab i needed two paper bags, in case hers fell off!
by powers June 03, 2005
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