A meme like owling or planking, when a guy has his shirt off showing his muscles, while an attractive woman is wearing his shirt. Usually done for photographic purposes.

Came from when an American football player Rob Gronkowski took a picture with his shirt off with an attractive pornstar (Didi Jones) wearing his jersey.
I got a picture of me Gronking with that random that I raw dogged last night.
by stordiford October 27, 2011
Top Definition
Violently spiking an object (most common is a football) to the ground in celebration.
Gronking a department store mannequin leg.
by NUChickens December 15, 2011
Verb,The act of violently spiking a football after scoring a touchdown, the act of posing for pictures shirtless with a porn star, the act of being the best at what you do.
"I just scored my 15th touchdown this year. #Gronking"
by ThePatsPunk December 28, 2011
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