phaete is the epitome of the definition gronk.
your suck a gronk phaete!
by bemuse September 13, 2007
A Gronk is an unusually large woman. A Gronk need not be fat (though most are) Often they are the tall gawky daughters of Norse races. The average ratio of Gronks to fit women is about one-in-four, per party. Gronks are often Wingwomen, allowing no girl in her group to stray and talk to any men who do not also chat up the Gronk herself.
The Gronk is often loud and a big joker. Asserting herself into conversations and loudly making jests in the hope that men will notice and forklift her off to bed.
I couldn't get close to Mandy last night. That big Gronk at the table wouldn't let me near her.
by Mud Knuckle Circus November 07, 2013
Pregnant Prostitute, Used as a derogatory term due to its status.
Wow, you're such a Gronk!

Look at that Gronk on the sidewalk. :O
by Informed Australian October 22, 2013
it's like a huge woman, y' know
she is a tall big boned gronk
by rhubo June 22, 2010
A bumbling, clumsy, incompetant or otherwise ungraceful person; Someone with little grace or couth. An oaf. See also: a Lindsay
Lindsay is such a gronk. You can hear her stumbling towards you a mile away!
by mrnixxin July 18, 2009
A dinosaur utterance as found in Johnny Hart's syndicated comic, B.C.
Cell 1: The Apteryx is standing in front of The Dinosaur. The word bubble over The Apteryx reads, "I am The Apteryx, a wingless bird with hairy feathers."
Cell 2: The word bubble over dinosaur reads, "Gronk".
by winilula January 16, 2009
Australian slang for a teenage shit kid. Can be applied to adults too.
"that gronk sauron narc'd on a guy for hacking him"

"those AOL gronks are so lame"
by IRoNGRoN December 16, 2004

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