Someone who is a dero and nobody really likes.
Loser, idiot, fool, dero.
Marley: "ah im so drunk, you wanna fucking punch on bitch?"

Me: "fuck off you gronk"

dero loser jerk idiot wanker
by Cyeahboii. November 23, 2009
An Australian term for a total yobbo, derro, or bogan.


"damien says:
a hot alternative girl"
Check out the gronk over there with the stubbies, flanno and longneck in a brown paper bag!
by Halez September 23, 2007
someone who thinks they are better than they actually are and act like kingshit and usually bad looking
Guy 1(Matt Dowley): So whats up, wanna get naughty? ;)
Girl 1:(regular chic) NO! You are Gronk I wouldnt do anything with you
Guy 1: But im perfect, long, wide everything a girl you want
Girl 1: Bull, your gronk..
by OMGALECBERNII ^-^ December 11, 2010
a total loser. Usually slumped in posture, with varying shades of colour in their hair. can be seen anywhere and a gronk detector is not needed to find one
"dude look at that total lurking gronk down on the corner!"
by dylmeister007 April 26, 2009
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