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The one and only, cute, muscular, and overall amazing, Rob Gronkowski
I love Gronk with all my heart
by Mrs.Gronkowski November 13, 2013
A Gronk is an unusually large woman. A Gronk need not be fat (though most are) Often they are the tall gawky daughters of Norse races. The average ratio of Gronks to fit women is about one-in-four, per party. Gronks are often Wingwomen, allowing no girl in her group to stray and talk to any men who do not also chat up the Gronk herself.
The Gronk is often loud and a big joker. Asserting herself into conversations and loudly making jests in the hope that men will notice and forklift her off to bed.
I couldn't get close to Mandy last night. That big Gronk at the table wouldn't let me near her.
by Mud Knuckle Circus November 07, 2013
Being that sober guy at a party to creep on drunk, taken girls.
Man did you see Maria last night? She was totally getting gronk'd by Dan.
by AjDurH April 10, 2011
it's like a huge woman, y' know
she is a tall big boned gronk
by rhubo June 22, 2010
The Scum of Society. Also known as "Deadbeat"
"He's such a gronk"
by FyouCK October 08, 2009
a total loser. Usually slumped in posture, with varying shades of colour in their hair. can be seen anywhere and a gronk detector is not needed to find one
"dude look at that total lurking gronk down on the corner!"
by dylmeister007 April 26, 2009
British Trainspotter speak for a class 08
diesel electric shunting loco. The BTC commissioned about 1100 of them back in the late 50s and a substantial number are still in traffic.

Gronks are sometimes known as Jockos
1V57 failed just outside Reading and they had to use a Gronk to haul it in out of the way.
by Brucester February 24, 2009