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Shunting - slang for having sex
"I gave your mum a real good shunting last night. Damn she took it hard"
by yez May 24, 2006
The process that occurs after lunch when your brain and body shut down and you have no choice but to nap under your desk.
Boss: Darcy..... Darcy? Where is that project proposal you were supposed to deliver an hour ago?

Darcy: (poking head up from behind desk) Oh sorry - I was shunting! I'll have it for you right away.

Boss: Totally understandable!
by rtown ponderosa February 17, 2010
See also shunt. The act of hunting for a shag. Commonly referred to packs of 20-something girls who target unsuspecting men at bars, clubs etc.
"Such satisfying shunting last night. That guy was such a good shag"
by Bill Sussman March 16, 2010
To drive like a clown balloon in racing games because of lack of skill compared to the shuntee. Usually manifested in the act of ramming others cars into walls.
"Oi stop shunting me you northern monkey"
by Not Danny April 19, 2008
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