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A combination of the words grim and wrong. Gross and inappropriate.
Eat this moldy cheese? Now thats just grong!
by Tacokrom January 28, 2005
To grong, is to be spaced out, warped, tired. Most commonly refered to canabis smokers.
"Are you gronging?"
"I gronged out."
by Peter November 09, 2004
A joining of the two words 'Gross' and 'Wrong' to create Grong.
OMG that s*#t is totally Grong!!
by Orgetful June 06, 2010
when a swimming pool gets dirty
the swimming pool got grong today with overload of people
by krasher February 15, 2014
Grong is a mix between the word gross and wrong. It describes the Discustingness of something or someone.
omg Anthony just kissed another guy, that is SOOOO grong!
by Word Creatoe 09 :) May 01, 2009
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