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When something during a conversation doesnt make sense, you randomly say grocery bag.
From the song bedrock
i see me with her
no stevie wonder
she wont ever wonder
cause she knows she bad
and i gotta nigga
grocery bag
by Thisoneasiankid January 03, 2010
Can most often be found in a nonsense filled song and is usually used by a relatively unknown person who esteems to be a rapper but lacks the necessary talent, word knowlege, ACTUAL knowlege and rhyming ability to construct a rap verse that actually makes sense.

As is the case with Gudda Gudda in the song Bedrock.
i see me with her
no stevie wonder
she wont ever wonder
cause she knows she bad
and i gotta nigga
grocery bag
by lilgunner January 14, 2010
1) A flow by rapper Gudda Gudda in Lil' Wayne's song "Bedrock" which doesn't make sense to most listeners.

2) To be confident in one's possession of an object or person. A reference to the idiom "in the bag".

3) Nonsensical statement used when someone doesn't understand what you're saying likely because you're quoting rap lyrics.
1) She don't even wonder, cause she know she bad

And I got her, nigga; grocery bag.

2) How'd your interview go?

Grocery bag.

3) Me: Holla at'cha guala, zoom later
You: Huh?
Me: Grocery bag!
by BikePilgrim June 09, 2010
1. Something no talent rappers say randomly to cover up the fact that they ran out of decent rhymes a long time ago. Often is preceded by a long pause highlighting the complete fail at lyrics

2. The prefered method of killing oneself after being forced to listen to the pop song "Bedrock"
1. "And I got her---
Grocery Bag"

2. "This is the stupidest song I have heard in quite some time, once again my faith in pop music has been destroyed. Which means once again it is time for me to kill myself... and I know just how to do it too! GROCERY BAG!!!

*put grocery bag on head*

*passes out onto floor hopefully never to have to put up with this shit ever again*
by Taerdin January 07, 2011
1. to bag more than one girl/guy at a time

2. another way of sayin to regularly bag someone
1. Shana- yo, what you do with marques, jose, and jimmy?

Naijah- sit, i grocery bagged all three of them!

2.Gudda Gudda-

and she dont even wonder
cuz she kno she bad
and i got her nigga
grocery bag
by hajii t May 09, 2010
Term used to refer to a sexual relationship with a person whose face is unattractive, but has a nice body (ie, a Butterface). Originates from the belief that a brown paper bag can placed over the head of a Butterface during sexual intercourse to make that person more desirable.
A: What's up with you and that girl Kiesha? You seen her during the day right?
B: Man, it ain't nothin' a grocery bag can't fix.
by ccfrontwind January 31, 2010
when a poor man cant afford any condoms so he re-uses his old one.
"bitch settle down, im gettin this grocery bag all up in your shit"
by Tesss November 06, 2007

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