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a hispanic person, usually a puerto rican or dominican, who represent their culture every minute of their life. they speak spanish all they time or most of the time and when they speak english it turns out being spanglish. they always listen to reggaeton and when they're in the car they find the need to blast their music so you can hear it when you like a block away, so all you hear is the reggaeton beat. and about 6 out of 7 days of the week they're usually wearing some piece of clothing that has a picture of their flag or something about their nationality.

but ya gotta love 'em

NOTE: be careful when using this word, some people may be offended!!!
Yo your mad guala!!
Stop being such a guala!
by xxjasminexx January 03, 2008
Money. Usually referring to large sums.
My new Rolex cost alot of gualas.
by Baltimore Buc May 13, 2009
basically ya boi or friend
Lil Wayne - "holla at cha guala"
by TKThaKing21 July 08, 2009
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