Dried poo tangled in the anal beard collected as a consequence of not wiping your arse.
Uhhhh I've got grints in my pants!

Shoulda' wiped man....
by grinter November 19, 2010
A foreigner. Non-US citizen. Short for immigrant.
It was over 60 degrees out and the guy was bundled up like a freakin grint.
by D_Baggy December 09, 2005
Shorter term for annoying immigrants.
Fucking Latino grints came into the store today and fucked shit up.
by Pidderks July 30, 2009
To display a hint of a grin, a grint
Trying to contain her excitement, barely a grint escaped her lips
by Roblob January 17, 2011
To not pay a bill or other debt on time; to owe money.
"Ah sod it, I'm going to grint this bill because I can't afford to pay it"
by Phil Evans October 14, 2004
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