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moving your butt back and forth with a weener between your cheaks
by ben thomas February 02, 2003
67 149
When you tell someone you were just "grinding" with a chick, but really she was giving you a handjob by the pool.
Beef and Lara were "grinding."
by The Geej March 28, 2005
46 132
"grinding" is drug-world lingo for an informant going onto the street to identify drug dealers, who are then busted - and robbed - by the police.
Mosby provided information about which "hitters" were carrying drugs; King and Murray would "catch and release" the dealers, stripping them of their money and drugs. Then, according to prosecutors and trial testimony, the officers would illegally sell the drugs to Mosby at a discount. He in turn, he said, resold the drugs back out on the streets.

They called it "grinding," Mosby told the jury.

the officers "grinded" before or after their regular shifts, calling it their real work.
by sassafrass June 29, 2006
20 108