A dance performed (often in a club setting) in which the "grinder" places his hands on his head with his feet planted in the ground and proceeds to swivel vigorously

Such action can be stimulated by an exhilerating experience
Joske is grinding like a FIEND this evening! I've never seen anyone generate so many revolutions in one grinding session!

Bartholemu began to grind with uncanny resolve when he discovered that he had won tickets to the race.

Macker: "What are you folks up to this evening?"
Grinder: "We're in the midst of some unruly grinding. Wanna join?"
Macker: "I guess."

by Z_19 April 08, 2009
Grinding is a term used in computer gaming to describe the process of engaging in repetitive and/or non-entertaining gameplay in order to gain access to other features within the game. The most common usage is in the context of MMORPGs and JRPGs, most often Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest, in which it is often necessary for a character to repeatedly kill AI-controlled monsters, using basically the same strategy over and over again, in order to advance their character level to be able to access newer content. Grinding can also appear in other games in which features can be unlocked. It is often referred to as farming, a term that came from the repetitive nature of the game Harvest Moon. To Grind means to do one task the most efficient way possible in a repetitious manner.
Im sick and tired of grinding my level 50 annihilator.

Fuck! This grinding takes for forever!
by damnedThunder April 21, 2008
In skateboarding or other roller sports, this term basically means doing an ollie (or jump) up onto the edge of objects like tables, rails, fun boxes, etc. with a skateboard and grinding it along the surface until you pop off of it back onto another surface or back onto the ground.
You can catch me grinding pools all day.

50-50 grinding is what I am best at.
by Godknown January 26, 2007
To work or try hard to accomplish something
"Yo, after I got fired from Micky D's, I was out there straight grindin lookin for another job..."
by ShelOne May 11, 2004
where usually during dances/parties/clubs a girl presses her butt on a guys crotch to achieve a profuse erection

generally hip-hop/pop/tech/etc. music plays in the background, but if shes good she will move with the beat and depending on the man he will like it slow and sensual or rough and to the point of breaking your dick

black girls are usually best at this since this it is their genre of music generally and they hit almost every beat, followed by latinas, then asian and white tied after (generally speaking) although asians and white girls tend to be prettier to look at

uncreative minds will only hold the hips but it can expand to hand holding, touching the girl, grinding face to face with her vagina getting involved, getting on the floor chris brown-ing her (take you down), etc.
damn i was grinding for the 1st time with ashley yesterday it was awesome!
by MonkeyManFoSho December 13, 2009
A verb that describes was sluts do at a school dance. Usually done with some random deuche bag, one that is not appealing what-so-ever, but he is the only one that won't be repulsed by the ugly bitch attempting to turn him on.
Did you see the horndog that whore was grinding with?

Yea, he was the ugliest bastard in that place.
by Sluts-B-Gone March 09, 2010
Pretending to have sex with whatever you are "grinding"
she was really grinding that pole last night!
by Kathleen Breach February 05, 2008

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