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when girls put on tight booty shorts and slutty tank tops just to stand around for an hour and then when the dancing actually starts to go and try to get any random douche bag to grind them.
Jane: I'm soooo excited for the middle school dance tonight!! I hope a hotty grinds me. What are you wearing?
Lulu: Booty shorts and a sugarlip!!! I love being a slut! I hope the guy i grind gets a boner - i love that.
by sirgrindalot July 08, 2011
what all middle schoolers love to do - if they have the balls to. pretty much when a dude stands with their crotch against a girls ass with his hands on her hips and they sway back and forth. the girls always love when the guy gets a boner, it makes her feel like she's a sexy biotch.
at the dance:
matt: lets do some grinding!
lea: sounds fun!!
they sway back and forth for a while, then matt gets a boner and lea is really happy.
by sirgrindalot July 08, 2011

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