A term used in video games, usually mmorpgs.

To grind is to kill monsters or mobs in an area for the singular purpose of gaining xp (experience points) in order to level, as opposed to farming or completing quest objectives within the game.
I'm just grinding 'till I reach level 40!
by asev March 22, 2006
to rub two things together in a forceful manner
I grinded this against that
by pwnz0r September 04, 2003
a good funny skateboarding movie with Bam Margera, Danger Ehren, Preston Lacey and Wee-man from Jackass. It Stars Mike Vogal (Texas Chainsaw Massacre), Vince Vieluf (Rat Race), Adam Brody (The O.C.) and Joey Kern (Cabin Fever). Most of the realy good pros are in it and there are some great skating sequences in it. And it's really funny.
Dude#1: Hey man did you see Grind?
Dude#2: That movie sucked!
Dude#1: (punches Dude#2 and steals his wallet)
by j. Blue February 25, 2007
1) often used in wigger freestyle rap.
2) an act of sensuality/sexuality whilst dancing, where a female rubs and rotates her rump errotically on a males crotch
3) a skating trick, where the skateboard moves along a cornered or thin surface in an unorthodox way
'I see you like yeah,
man, tight yea,
put your grind on
put your rhymes on
shes hot tonight
just standing there
...woooow..just standing there?'


3) 'Watch Tony Hawk grind that railing!'
by MC Krassbass November 03, 2004
a dance that involves a hot girl (such as emma) rubbing her ass up and down on your crotch
At a mixer you go to the middle and a girl rubs her booty on your crotch and you get insta-boner THAT IS A GRIND AMEN!
by Evan Sayers January 07, 2012
when a guy gets some ass at a dance or club. a girl shakes her ass up against a guys crotch and he grabs her ass and they go back and forth in a swinging motion. monitors at dances try to stop this but it doesn't work.
Did you see her grinding with him? She's got a nice ass.
by wikipedia8 May 01, 2010
A person who is always at work and accomplishes everything by brute force. Typically this refers to nerdy, square, uncool people in school.
"Did you see Robert's schedule this year? He's taking 6 AP classes!"

"Yeah, he never sleeps or goes out or does anything extracurricular."

"What a grind."
by spinningtabletop February 12, 2009

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