1. A sexual dance that is popular at public dances though very sexual.
2. A drug deal.
3. Intense video game training.
1.Ex: Dude, that chick was totally about to grind with him!
2.Ex: There was a grind going down behind the supermarket; I hope no one got shot.
3.Ex: Nerd1: Man, I got a level 50 squirtle and I haven't even fought the first gym leader yet!
Nerd2: WOW, grind much?
by MasMarMan July 31, 2008
a dance in which a whore violently rubs her ass against a guys crotch to show off her mad skills
some chick was all grinding up on me i was like o snap wtf yeahhh
by suck it sonn May 31, 2007
to play poker very patiently, waiting for others' mistakes, absorbing information, never wavering, seeing all the angles, and slowly augmenting the bankroll
"He has paid half his way through law school grinding it out at the table every day."
by katan July 28, 2004
The drug dealin game.
I've been on the grind for too long now.
by jkson September 24, 2003
It's when a person gets out of her shell of apathy to, very decidedlly, do something!

Simmillarlly: when a drug dealer goes out to the neighborhood to sell/buy drugs or to put another dealer or an debtfull client to death.

OR, it's the kind of dance you wouldnt like to see your daughter doing with anyone.
"Get out on the grind yall. Aint no better time dawg. I know youve read the great comission let me just remind: make disciples of the nations, teachem to obey tha Lord. Hate to never lead someone to Christ before i face tha Lord." Lecrae spitn on "Send Me"
by gwineth March 17, 2009
Doin some hustlin out on tha streets. Doin whateva you can to make some money, whether its doin something illegal or somethin legit; you can still be on ya grind sellin T-shirts if u wanna say it.
Rob: "Hey man, you bout ready to roll out to Bucks house?"

Cody: "Naw man, im still on tha grind right now, ill holla atcha in a minute"
by Whiteboy_22 August 03, 2007
Where a Slutty or Horny Girl At a Dance or a club will Bend over and rub her ass all over your crotch to make you Hard
Brad-Did you See Jill at the dance last night?
Jimmy- Yeah, she Was Grinding with Ben.
by Brian19944371247 June 14, 2007

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