to play poker very patiently, waiting for others' mistakes, absorbing information, never wavering, seeing all the angles, and slowly augmenting the bankroll
"He has paid half his way through law school grinding it out at the table every day."
by katan July 28, 2004
To crush something into powder/ to rub at something with a rough material.

Gaming: To battle monotonously in order to gain exp. very quickly.

Dance: To gyrate the hips erotically.
I was grinding up black pepper yesterday.

Gamer 1: Damnit, I hate those bastards...
Gamer 2: Grinding?
Gamer 1: ...yeah.

He was watching her grinding.
by BOO! ...bies May 18, 2011
repeating an unpleasant or boring task just to get it done and over with
he kept grinding away at the levels in that video game
by Forgottenandlost May 06, 2010
1. A tough or shitty situation or event.

2. To try hard or to get something undesirable done.

Derived from ice hockey, meaning to battle with opposing players along the boards or in the corners for the puck.
1. "Man, this math test coming up is gonna be a grind!"

2. "Just grind hard and get it done."
by nux4thewin January 27, 2010

when a girl dances with her ass
to the guys dick n the dance real close..
Dang, me n Z were grinding so hard yesterday, its like we were unseperable
by z's girl July 13, 2008
Where a Slutty or Horny Girl At a Dance or a club will Bend over and rub her ass all over your crotch to make you Hard
Brad-Did you See Jill at the dance last night?
Jimmy- Yeah, she Was Grinding with Ben.
by Brian19944371247 June 14, 2007
a dance in which a whore violently rubs her ass against a guys crotch to show off her mad skills
some chick was all grinding up on me i was like o snap wtf yeahhh
by suck it sonn May 31, 2007

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