Something that is good or heavy
" Did you see that grimy car
by natman April 22, 2003
Top Definition
word meaning messed up, fucked up, not cool. also spelled 'grimi'.
Yo, nigga that was grimi.
by YOW February 14, 2004
grimy is a person who always looks to do someone dirty no matter who it is just to make some change. small time crooks.
this dude is so grimy he'd knock off his own mother for some small chedder
by March 16, 2005
The word grimy means when a person does something that was "not cool" or "messed up" or "fucked up"
"Yo u heard that Jamal and Kevin were gonna fight? but Kevin came from behind and stabbed him in the back w/o him knowing liek a lil bitch? dam thats madd grimy"
by mike241 August 04, 2006
TO do something messed up. uSUALLY funny
I pissed in this dude's mouth wash w/o him knowing so he still used it...

2nd Person: THats Grimy!
by Antonio and TJ November 16, 2002
Slang (n.) A back-stabber is a GRIMY person, untrustworthy, doing wrong to others to gain something, selfish...willing to step on people to get to the top. Doing something fucked-up to anybody, even a so called friend if they can get something out of it.
Be careful, that's a grimy bitch!
by Waydownsouth March 02, 2010
Really filthy. Used to describe a br00t41 breakdown or a dubstep song.
Example 1:
Guy #1: Wow dude, did you hear that sweet new Emmure song? The breakdown section was fucking grimy.

Guy #2: I thought the entire thing was a breakdown?

Example 2:
Guy #1: Wow dude, did you hear that sweet new DJ Rusko song? The entire thing was fucking grimy.

Guy #2: I thought the entire thing was...oh wait.
by Whoopie-doodle-do. December 20, 2010
Grimy also is being used now as 'Cool' or 'Ill'
"Did you hear that song by Crookers? That shits grimy as fuck!"
by Jsykes September 19, 2010
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