bein ignorant/ rude
(1st person) fucked ur gurl last night
(2nd person) dats fuckin grimy i thought i was ur boy
by jasmine December 03, 2003
Used to mean something dirty, but now means something is nang.
Yo cuz dat tune is GRIMEY!
by Snowy (formally kilo lobo) August 27, 2003
-to be weird/ill as hell
Ayo, his Tim's was grimy, but I was like, if that's the way he gonna rock em it's aight wit me.
by spoleze February 15, 2003
yucky, gross or dirty
Eww!! My hands feel so grimy!!
by Anonymous December 12, 2001
when someone does something F'ed up but you can't really get mad at em'.
when the drug dealer slacks your sack cuz he runnin low and you feening. Now that's Grimy!!!
#dirty #messed up #trippin #not cool #grimi
by EZ Mcgreasy May 07, 2006
Someone who tends to fight a lot and fight well is sometimes known as being grimy.
Yeah, Jason is grimy, I had to hold him back a few times out there!

Shit, Andy just went grimy on that kid!
by Rizladizla July 20, 2003
The definition of something nasty and unbearably gross something that has no other word to describe it but of its own.
"Ugh sayda you're so grimy!!"

"Grimy sayda!!"
#nasty #ugly #unbearable #atrocious #grimy
by Prettygreeneyes December 09, 2014
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