a word to describe that hard core down south dancing.
i turned on that southern gangsta rap music, and declared it was time to get grimy!!
by Kristalin Glass October 09, 2007
be dirty, holding a gun or drugs
You seen Joe? He's grimy as hell full time
by JayByrd July 03, 2006
Something that is good or heavy
" Did you see that grimy car
by natman April 22, 2003
to perform a disgraceful act later laughed at and made fun of by your friends.
patrick cummed all over the car after fucking sheena.
by chicky March 05, 2004
Used to mean something dirty, but now means something is nang.
Yo cuz dat tune is GRIMEY!
by Snowy (formally kilo lobo) August 27, 2003
To do something fucked up to someone, which is usually funny
1st Person: Yo, i pissed in this dude's mouth wash, and he didn't noticed and still used it!

2ND Person: HAHAHA! THATS Grimy!
by Antonio and TJ November 16, 2002

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