In toronto, its slang for describing something cool, awesome. Used in conjunction with words such as dirty, ill, and sick.
Person 1: Yo the toronto raptor just made a SICK dunk!

Person 2: Word...that was mad grimy styll
by N-M-A-N November 03, 2009
yet another "sanford" term describing a dirty or immoral person or situation
jane: i just fucked five guys at the same time

jim: that is so grimy
by jimmy dolan March 22, 2005
something really messed up, or inconsiderate.
used as a sub for inconsiderate, (as in carelessly doing/saying something wrong or messed up that would hurt someones feelings
Yo, you madd grimy fo sayin dat
(hey, you are very inconsiderate for saying that)
by DLUXE November 03, 2007
Low down dirty person.Cant be trusted.
I cant trust you.Youre so grimy.
by Dawndy August 12, 2010
someone who is trifling and scandalous; someone who you don't want as a friend or want anything to do with. Usually a selfish, mean person. Can sometimes be slutty.
Taylor is so grimy! She just cheated on her boyfriend with his best friend and is bragging about it. I can't stand grimy bitches...
by PrincessR December 08, 2009
strange, dirty, sweaty boys/girls that dance all up on you at the club.
Krysten: "Holly, you were dancing with some grimies last night."
Holly: "Was I?!"
by Holly Bolly October 01, 2007
bobby kennedy & jamie wyle! one that steals from anyone they can. one who sells fake and bad drugs, man that stuff was cut real bad, that grimy mother clucker.
i met jamie and bobby today, those guys are as grimy as they come
by crankkboy September 08, 2010

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