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In the gaming world, a superior player. One who "Ownz". You are sure to be pwned by a Grimp (also see Grimped)
Damn that Grimp just pwned me again.
by G Rimp May 21, 2008
relatively ambiguous, grimp means whatever the user wants it to mean. Intended to undermine the general purpose of language and provide a word when the appropriate word is unavailable, grimp is mostly used as a verb.
Dude, were you grimping last night?

I knew I could have gotten her number, but after I grimped, there was no chance.

Way to be that guy, you grimped all over my mattress.
by fifthgraderuinedmyinnocence November 21, 2009
a fictitious word used to describe nearly any situation. Most often, grimp is used to replace the word 'fuck' in social settings where dropping the F-bomb isn't considered kosher.
"yeah, well grimp you man!" "I'm gunna grimp the hell out of you one of these times" "dude don't grimp me so hard, that hurts"
by Dr. MAW November 21, 2009
Another word for "taint" or "chode." The area between your asshole and your nutsack.
I need to go shave my grimp. Your moms is comin' over tonight!
by Roget August 15, 2009
The by-product of a fat chicks tampon and a half-a-retards drain babies. Usually has a lumpy horse face and a crooked mouth.
Dude 1: Hey dude 2, did you just see that?
Dude 2: Yeah. It just crawled out of the deck drain.
Dude 1: I think it was a grimp.
Dude 2: That's disgusting. Look at its face, it's all crooked.
by JayDub_024 October 16, 2011
Another word for "dump" or "poop".
I have to take a hairy may want to use air freshner when I'm done.
by Momma Mia June 03, 2004

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