The fucking most bad ass dude alive. He drives a frikin cement truck and he's a gum drop on roids.
Grimace is the coolest dude alive.
by Scott Taylor March 20, 2008
When someone unexpectedly sticks their finger in your asshole while you're making out.
"How was your date last night?"
"It was good, but I got the grimace."
by ashleyd April 10, 2008
he is a large egglplant character created by mcdonalds to increase consumption of eggplants worldwide in an effort to promote the essential value of eggplant
grimace is a worldwide example of eggplant neglect
by dax5246 October 06, 2007
The true saviour of Mankind, Grimace Christ.
Grimace died for your sins!
by biteme April 15, 2004
Nick name for a thick penis
Why did you name your cock Grimace? Because he's short Fat and Purple.
by ricardoduck March 08, 2008
a synonynm for purple haze marijuana. Derives from Grimace the purple Mc Donald's character
That grimace we was smoking had me on my ass yesterday.
by Clint Clint December 04, 2007
the purple blob of joy from mcdonalds......his greatness is owed to the ability to be undefined- noone knows exactly what he or she is
grimace is purple.
by jd December 09, 2003

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