A fat chick that wears a purple sundress or any other "Grimaceesque" type clothing (anything purple, even shoes)
Jamie shouldn't of worn that purple dress, she looks like a God damn Grimace!
by P.O.P. II May 20, 2010
A heavy-set woman wearing purple clothing. Based on the McDonalds character.
Check out Grimace over there! She needs to lay off the maccas
by Toastbench July 22, 2012
Any ugly female found at a party. Not to be confused with a Hamburglar.
Guy 1: "Dude, all the hot girls left!"
Guy 2: "Don't say that in front of grimace!"
by SocratestheMoist December 11, 2011
When your co-worker named Nichole comes to work wearing a BIG purple sweatshirt and expects no one to comment on it.
Oh look, Nichole looks like Grimace in that sweatshirt!
by LD1637 October 13, 2011
Grimace A Nick Name for a thick Penis
Her: Why did you Name your Penis Grimace?
Me: Because It's a short Fat Purple Muther Fucker, like Grimace
by ricardoduck March 09, 2008
A socially and physically awkward person that appears to lack confidence. They are typically into comic books and other activities that may be deemed uncool by the majority of people. Typically, they are into scientific, technological, and mathematical pursuits, and may seem dull or boring, because they try to talk about these subjects in everyday conversation.
I was trying to find a book in the library, when I saw a couple of {grimaces} playing D&D in the corner.
by GNAWDY G January 22, 2012
The big purple guy from mcdonalds

Tinas boyfriend. Fat wears purple alot, mumbles when he speaks, acts like he belongs in plc.
Tina was kissing grimace in the hall. it looked like he was dreaming of hamburgers.
by switchboard<3 June 28, 2010

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