A Grimace is that fat purple shit that hangs with the hamburgler.
"Holy cow mommy, did you see that fat purple shit?"

"Yes, thats a grimace, he chills with the hamburgler"

"Grimace looks like a oval mommy, i'm scared lets never get another happy meal again"
by Mason Beveridge June 14, 2004
A socially and physically awkward person that appears to lack confidence. They are typically into comic books and other activities that may be deemed uncool by the majority of people. Typically, they are into scientific, technological, and mathematical pursuits, and may seem dull or boring, because they try to talk about these subjects in everyday conversation.
I was trying to find a book in the library, when I saw a couple of {grimaces} playing D&D in the corner.
by GNAWDY G January 22, 2012
The big purple guy from mcdonalds

Tinas boyfriend. Fat wears purple alot, mumbles when he speaks, acts like he belongs in plc.
Tina was kissing grimace in the hall. it looked like he was dreaming of hamburgers.
by switchboard<3 June 28, 2010
an insult directed at a big dumb guy.
Daaamn Grimace! get cho big ass out of here!!
by crazy68 August 24, 2009
Another word for a big plump (fat) chick.
Mark: Why didn't you hang with that chick last night?

Joe: Fuck that bitch, she was Grimace.
by Bizzleknowlege September 25, 2008
the ex-mascot of mcdonalds who had a thing for stealing milkshakes untill ronald MCdonald became the new mascot and cut grimace's arms off for stealing.
me:"ever noticed how grimace used to have four arms?"

dave:"its common practice to cut thieves arms off where ronald comes from"
by hay im mud August 25, 2008
nugs of weed that are so purple they resemble the McDonalds character
On my way to Ronalds house to pick up some of that Grimace
by Dflynn March 28, 2008

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