the annoying purple monster from mcdonalds, a pained expression on one's face or a creepy guy named Chris.
Joel: did you see Chris wearing that tight shirt?
Anne: Yeah, made me grimace.
by Joel Herren May 30, 2005
A big purple "thing" used as a mascot by McDonalds, which is actually a beetroot milkshake who was once an evil fiend who STOLE milkshakes and had multiple arms.
Grimace, that crazy beetroot!
by Bail February 05, 2004
A failed attempt to clone Adolf Hitler. Seen on McDonalds commercials.
Grimace is an aristocratic bastard.
by Bovis May 14, 2003
A large, pear-shaped purple McDonald's character...but he is also so much more...
Nothing can stop the Grimace!
by Grim-Ace February 15, 2003
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