ASCII art depicting Grimace which is posted in the Starcraft 2 Beta forums, especially in threads where people are QQing about patch 13.

There are many variants of the Grimace, each will blow your mind significantly.
New thread: "I keep getting dropped from games. Any1 else experiencing this?"

Insert 20 grimace ASCII posts here
by Aoner May 23, 2010
a Grimace is a fat african american girl who comes to parties and tries to make out/hook up with anybody and everybody (male and female) at that party. It is a comparison to the McDonald's character Grimace.
John: "Dude how was that party last night?"
Dave: "It was fucked, some Grimace showed up."
John: "EW MAN. you didn't make out with her did you?!"
Dave: "Fuck no dude, I let her have some random drunk chick."
by Mohammed Abdul Jabar January 05, 2011
Grimace: Choking a girl during sexual intercourse. The name however is not derived from the face made during the act it is however derived from the fact that the girl may or may not turn purple which would cause her to resemble the McDonald's character Grimace. Variation: Uncle O'Grimacey: Choking a girl of Irish ancestry during sexual intercourse or the chocking of any girl on St. Patrick's Day.

Warning: The Grimace and Uncle O'Grimacey are not meant to be fatal but rather to enhance both partners experience's.
After the movie i took sally back to my place where i promptly gave her the grimace.
by J.Gannon&C.Paul February 25, 2008
named after tha mcdonalds character. another word for purple(as in weed)
in tha bay, we dance a lil different
ridin on thangs, puffin on grimace

- lyrics to 'u c it' by tha bay area rapper champ bailey
by yay area baby July 10, 2008
Particular strains of indica marijuana with a deep purple color, so named for the McDonald's character as well as the look on your face when you smoke it. Possible etymological origins in the Oakland/Bay Area "Hyphy" movement. Also commonly referred to as grandad (a specific strain), the purp, and grapes.
That Purple Urkel shit we smoked last night was the grimace!
by thegrizz December 30, 2007
1.The facial expression used when a person is in deep thought about something mischeivious.

2. A term for hanging out
Ramin: "What are you guys up too?"
Pollard: "We're gunna meet up and grimace i'll tell you fucking what"
by Kurdumbri February 21, 2011
A fat girl wearing purple since they look like Ronald McDonald's big purple friend Grimace.
Struck out again huh? Well you can always go hit on Grimace over there.
by Joker5997 January 26, 2011

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