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1. Said to be the most clandestine militray special operations unit in the world, they're main role is S&C (sweep and clear, AKA: Search and Destroy). They are said to insert covertly into their AO (Area of Operations; which at the present 2005 is still Iraq) and search out specific marks, cards, or other military personnell.

There is VERY limited information on this unit. They are said to be all american, controlled by the Pentagon, maybe SOCOM (Special Operations COMmand). They are also said to be a section of Task Force 20.

I infer them to have been previous SOF soldiers, and they would most likely be mercenaries or black ops, for the lawless activities they engage in.
Hostage 1: I wonder if we'll be saved by Grey Fox.

Hostage 2: Who?
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