The act of shoving one's grenade-resembling hand into a man or woman's orifice and then opening it with fingers flailing wildly in a mock explosion.
Kevin: Wow, being grenaded by my girlfriend last night left my ***hole gaping!

Gerald: Eek, that sounds terrible.

Kevin: Nah dude, I loved it!

Gerald: Hmm, maybe I should try some grenading...
by Gina Castell July 20, 2009
Top Definition
When you're in the shower and you have to poop—Instead of getting out, you poop in your hand, pull back the shower curtain, and toss it in the toilet.
Dude, I had to shit really bad, but didn't want to get the floor all wet.. So I had a grenading session in the shower.
by Nathan Patrick Hooker December 08, 2015
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