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-noun (pronounced greeb)

plural- greebes (pronounced either as greebs or gree-bees)

1. any of the various qualities possessed by attractive women which set them apart from women deemed unattractive.

2. a very attractive woman

3. something you would like to possess all of
Megan Fox, Alicia Cuthbert, Stacy Kiebler

-"Bitch, gimme all your greebes"
-"Let's go Big Greebe Hunting"
-"Bend over and give me all your greebes"
-"Hand's up, greebes out"
-"Your greebes, give me all of them"
-"Express all answers in terms of greebes"
-"Bro, check out that pack of greebes"
-"Look at those greebes, Damn"
-"I would like two helpings of greebes"
by Senor Greebaise February 13, 2010
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