The act of cumming all over a girls body, untill her stomach is completely covered, (May take more than one guy) Next, another girl licks off the sperm from the girls body while a guy anal rapes her
I totally gave my girlfriend a Great White Shark
by Imahugewhore October 31, 2009
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Biggest bad-ass in the ocean. Will eat you if it thinks you're a seal.
That fish from Jaws was a motherfuckin great white shark.
by chillaxin106 September 15, 2006
A McDonald's sandwich made by combining a Quarter Pounder with Cheese, a Fish-O-Filet, and 2 or 3 Chicken Selects
Wow I never knew great white sharks tasted soo good
by Gallinari08 September 01, 2010
When a guy gives a girl with a blue waffle a shark bite.
I tried giving Nikki a shark bite, but it ended up turning into a Great White Shark. So disgusting!
by T.S.P. September 06, 2010
Who ever says the Great white shark is a sea pussy, your a pussy! Great white sharks are the ultimate rulers of the ocean, Great white sharks can eat a pussy ass orca whale and crocodile! Great white sharks even eat cute little dolphins! Great white sharks are the most feared and strongest and powerfulest animal in the sea! Great whites rule the ocean! Great whites are equipped to kill animals bigger than it. Yes, Great whites kill orcas and crocodiles. Nothing can stop the coolest sea creture ever, the Great white shark!
Great white sharks are the best, and they are totally cool and badass! The Great white shark is such a beautiful shark, and if you don't agree, kiss our asses!
by Shelby and Sabrina May 31, 2007
The biggest, baddest predator of the ocean. A Great white shark could eat the living hell out of a orca and a crocidile. The Great white can kill anything in its path. It does not matter about the size, the Great white shark is strong enough to take down a sea animal bigger than it. If you don't agree fuck off! The Great white is the king of the ocean. There has been stories of Great whites eating the living hell out of orcas and crocs. Hell a hippo can take down a crocidile We saw it on animal planet. A pod of dolphins can take down a orca, saw that also. But nothing can take down a Great white. It is our dream to swim with Great whites. Great whites kick ass! Great whites are such beautiful sharks. Great whites are our favorite sharks. There is a story of a Great white killing a blue whale! We believe it too. Great whites win all the way. Great whites are a LOT stronger than some orca and some croc. Go Great whites!
Great white sharks are awsome!
by Shelby and Sabrina May 29, 2007
When you have a lot of prebust on your tip, and then you finally burst, making it look like a great big blob of white rising from your sea of clear prebust. Just like a great white shark.
My Great White Shark flew all over her face.

It took forever, but when I let out my Great White Shark, it landed right on the tip of my toenail!
by Rami Laham February 26, 2008
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